Welcome to Grace Church Muskogee

Welcome to our church!

“All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ himself.” – St. Benedict

St. Benedict was right. The church isn’t a private club for the chosen few; rather, our doors and our hearts are open for everyone and to everyone. We strive to welcome each person who comes our way as we would welcome Jesus, for God often comes to us in the appearance of a stranger.

Our faith community is a joyful mix of people with differing backgrounds and perspectives, united together in a common love of God and a love for our neighbors. Chances are, there’s someone like you at Grace. We are single, married, married with kids, divorced, remarried, empty nesters, widowed, gay, lesbian, transgendered, old, young – you name it, we are here. We are “young in the faith”: just beginning to ask questions, “teens in the faith”: just now piecing together who we are and what it means to follow the Lord, “maturing in the faith”: exploring our gifts and serving others for the Lord, and “mature in the faith”: reflecting on what we have been and done as we look back on our lives in our winter season of grace.

There is someone like you at Grace.

People of all backgrounds, races, abilities, and beliefs are part of the Grace family. Our welcome doesn’t end at the door of the church. All persons are welcome to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion at Grace, not just Episcopalians – everyone. Join us at the Lord’s Table this Sunday.

We gather for worship at 8:00 am and 10:30 am on Sunday morning, 9:30 am in the summer. Nursery Care is available from 10:00 am to noon.

Click here for our map, and for written driving directions

If you are looking on this website first, please do contact us by email for more information. We look forward to greeting you at Grace this Sunday.

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Brick Orders
Monday, July 29, 2013 at 3:30pm

You can order a brick to  commemorate your pets, children’s graduation, weddings, memorials, and special recognitions. For the initial project we are going to take orders until July 31st, after that we can take orders all year long then install the bricks the following summer.

One comment on “Welcome to Grace Church Muskogee
  1. Anthonycog says:

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    Стало труднее определять какой образец минерала нужен для работы.
    Возможно, если вы прораб и у вас есть разрез, где написанно: песок очень тонкий.
    Сверились с ГОСТ 8736-93 – все поехали.

    Но если вы рядовой пользователь и не имеете высшего строительного чутья, чтобы на глаз определить м.к. нужного песка.
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    - Как и для чего используется каждый песок, вы можете спросить позвонив на т/ф в С-Петербурге: +7-911-921-16-63.
    - Цены на песок меняется от 155р до 545р/м3.

    Но осуществить покупку песок – это часть дела, его требуется все таки переместить на объект.
    Всего в Лен.обл. действует более 26 карьеров, базирующиеся в различных областях от КАД.
    Ищите площадку для погрузки на минимальном расстоянии от вашего объекта. Таким методом будет определена карта маршрута груза.
    Расчет транспортировки песка на самосвале составляет индексу 5р/м3/км.
    Это и есть самосвальная логистика: “Чем быстрее, тем меньше”.

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